• Made to Measure Outdoor Curtains
  • Either hand rollup, gearbox and channel curtains
  • Choose from either Mesh, PVC or Clear. (I highly recommend Mesh due to longevity)


Hand rolled curtains (cheapest option)

  • With hand rolled curtains you have 3 options, full PVC, mesh or clear PVC in the middle with a coloured border.
  • Curtains are manufactured using a high frequency welding (designed to last).
  • 1, 3 and 5 year warranty on most products.
  • Different PVC options which include our fire retardant PVC.
  • Stainless steel parts are use for low maintains and longevity.


Crank handle gear box drop curtains  (Middle of the range)

  • Crank Handle is used for easy use of curtains.


Channel drop curtains  (Top of the line)

* Zip Track * Dream screen * simple Screen *     

  • Channeled drop curtains give a great looking finish and can be crank, spring or motorized.
  • The Channel system consists of a rolled drop curtain with an aluminium channel on each side, which the Mesh/PVC travels in.


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Contact Awnings Direct

Address: 27 Noall Street, Te Atatu, Auckland 0610
Mobile: 021 708370
Phone: 09 9744620
Email: steve@awningsdirect.co.nz