• Made to Measure Outdoor Curtains
  • Either hand rollup, gearbox and channel curtains
  • Choose from either Mesh, PVC or Clear. (I highly recommend Mesh due to longevity)


Hand rolled curtains (cheapest option)

  • With hand rolled curtains you have 3 options, full PVC, mesh or clear PVC in the middle with a coloured border.
  • Curtains are manufactured using a high frequency welding (designed to last).
  • 1, 3 and 5 year warranty on most products.
  • Different PVC options which include our fire retardant PVC.
  • Stainless steel parts are use for low maintains and longevity.


Crank handle gear box drop curtains  (Middle of the range)

  • Crank Handle is used for easy use of curtains.


Channel drop curtains  (Top of the line)

* Zip Track * Dream screen * simple Screen *     

  • Channeled drop curtains give a great looking finish and can be crank, spring or motorized.
  • The Channel system consists of a rolled drop curtain with an aluminium channel on each side, which the Mesh/PVC travels in.

Outdoor curtains provide patio shade on demand and also shelter from cold and wind during the winter months. Reduced cooling expenses and privacy in the summer are extra advantages. For all realistic purposes, installing the outdoor curtains is like adding another room to your business or home without the expense of remodeling.

Outdoor curtains are ideal for bringing in a cozier element of privacy and aesthetic appeal to the outdoor space of your home. Not only do they instantly transform the outlook of a home, but outdoor curtains also offer extra living space and can also save on heating charges. No matter you are planning for an outdoor curtain for more privacy or for better functionality and use of lighting, we have different kinds of design and color choices to select from.

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We know the nuts and bolts of the weatherproof outdoor curtain industry as we have been the leading provider of these products for years. We provide only the top quality outdoor curtains for patios, homes and exterior spaces. Our curtains are manufactured from the best fabrics. Moreover, we provide curtains with different styles such as:
• Screening
• Drop curtains
• Roll curtains
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