Products we use Recommended

We only use or recommend top of the line Polycarboates that we know will last the test of time.  We source of products depending on your awning from companies like Alsynite one, Psp for example which we know have been designed for New Zealand UV and weather conditions. 

Custom Glaze

Designed to Modernize your outdoor living area

Custom Glazing is a completely new Polycarbonate glazing product specifically designed to give a modern look to your awning. 

Custom glazing offers a full flat 530mm with over lapping ribs at 610mm. 

Sheets are fastened down on the overlaps using Alsynite Multipurpose 14 x 65mm fasteners.

Because no expensive glazing bars are required this new flat modern contemporary look is extremely cost effective compared to using other flat sheet systems. 

 Clear, Bronze, Grey and new Diffused Opal. 


Custom Glaze offers a 99.9% UV Protection and is extruded with a thickness of 2mm compared to other profiles of 0.4mm. 

My Thoughts on this product

I highly Recommend this product if your looking for a Modern flat look but are mindful of budget. Please ask me about using this product on your awning. 

If you would like to install this product yourself you can order this product directly through me, delivered to your door.  

STANDARD LENGTHS (m): 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4, 7.2

Products we use and recommend 1

Recommended Roof Pitch       5 Degrees

Purlin Spacing                             Max 1500mm

Noise Tape                                    installed on purlins

Multi Purpose Screws             (Type depending on install)

Peeled back film of both sides of the custom glaze before installing. Drill the fixing holes prior to securing the fixing into the rafter.

Its  recommended to use Custom Glaze Alsynite Multipurpose Fasteners. They are specifically designed for fixing Custom Glaze to the rafters. Custom Glaze must be fixed on both crests of every purlin.

Custom Glaze has an overlapping rib and  underlapping rib, these are specifically designed so that the exact effective cover is maintained across the structure.


Crystalite Glazing Panels 


Crystalite 6mm Flat solid sheet roofing panels.

Create a beautiful Stylish modern outdoor entertainment area using these Crystalite Glazing Panels. 

Crystalite glazing panels are an extruded acrylic sheeting (PMMA ) product. The panels are a transparent thermoplastic, being shatter resistant the product is 250 times stronger than glass and with a density of less than half that of glass. Crystalite glazing panels have good impact strength and clear panels provide up to 92% of visible light.


Sheet Width: Maximum 620mm 

Length: Maximum 6m

Thickness: 6mm

Colour Tints: Clear and Grey

Roof Pitch: Crystalite can have a minimum roof pitch of 5°


Crystalite glazing provides a contemporary stylish look to most outdoor entertaining areas. Adding value and aesthetically pleasing on the eye, Crystalite is available in a range of lengths and colours to please the most discerning home owner.

Laserlite 1000 2000 3000 and Sunline

Laserlite enriches your indoor outdoor lifestyle at affordable prices to fit your budget.

Laserlite 3000

For the ultimate comfort outdoor lifestyle experience Laserlite 3000 profiles, colour tint, and heat reduction options are impressive.

Laserlite 3000 is the only polycarbonate roofing product to feature Comfort Cool™ Technology, special properties in the sheet that reflect the warming effect of the sun’s rays to offer:

  • Up to 50% better heat reduction than standard polycarbonate sheet*
  • Reduced glare for ultimate comfort

Laserlite® 3000 also features Advanced Weatherguard™ technology, a special protective material that is warranted to:

  • Extend the life of the sheet by up to 50%*
  • Maintain sheet colour & clarity up to 50% longer*
  • Provide 99.9% protection from UV rays up to 50% longer*
  • Resist 25% larger hailstones*

Comfort Cool™ keeps you cool & comfortable.

With unrivalled technology & superior performance, it’s clear why Laserlite® is part of the Australian outdoor lifestyle.

*As compared to some other polycarbonate corrugated sheet products

Laserlite 2000

is New Zealand’s No. 1 premium profiled polycarbonate brand.

It is a well known fact here in New Zealand we experience above what is considered normal UV exposure. Peak UV radiation levels are around 40% higher than those experienced at similar latitudes in North America. Laserlite® is engineered and built using only 100% Makrolon® Resin ensuring the following benefits:

  • Laserlite® is the only polycarbonate sheet product in New Zealand featuring Advanced Weatherguard™ technology, a special protective material that is warranted to:
    (a) Extend the life of the sheet by up to 50%*
    (b) Maintain sheet colour & clarity up to 50% longer*
    (c) Provide 99.9% protection from UV rays up to 50% longer*
    (d) Resist 25% larger hailstones*
  • Suitable for installation in high and very high wind zone areas.

Laserlite ‐ The first choice in outdoor living area enhancement and protection. Protecting the environment, Laserlite is fully recyclable and no waste is created in the production process.

* As compared to some other polycarbonate corrugated sheet products

Laserlite 1000

is an easy choice when looking for a product that is not only cost effective but look great too.

Laserlite 1000 roofing is perfect for high sun impact environments thanks to its 99.9% UV protection properties. Eurolite is available in Corrugate, Greca and 5 Rib profiles in four attractive colours: Clear, Bronze, Grey, Opal and Diffused Opal (NB: Diffused Opal is not available in 5 Rib)


Extend your outdoor living area with Alsynite Sunline polycarbonate roofing.

With a Ten Year Limited Lifetime warranty, you can be sure that your Alsynite Sunline roofing will not only look good, it will also last too.

Designed to withstand harmful UV rays, rain and hailstones*, Alsynite Sunline is the ideal solution for covering your outdoor area.

PVC’s and Mesh products

There is a very wide range of produces on the market that changes all the time, I only use the top end of the market products from New Zealand Companies like Wiggins etc. I will only show you products I would use on my own house. 


Universal Glazing Systems

Universal Glazing Systems are designed, manufactured and installed as a innovative solution to any awning design. Can be a stand-alone structure to a conservatory or home extension.  

We Pride ourselves in giving you the best products on the market, Universal Glazing Systems can be used for residential or commercial applicators.

All structures are fabricated here in New Zealand using only the highest quality components. All locally sourced products. Using long life polycarbonates like Crystalite  for your residential customers and toughened safety glass for your more commercial applications. 

This product is designed to last, no question!

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